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This document describes the Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as the Policy) for Autolux Global Post LLC (hereinafter referred to as the Company), which is registered and operates in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine with the location: m.  Lviv, st. Pid Holoskom, 2A, floor 2 (EDRPOU code – 42503626).


1.            General regulations

  • This Policy defines the procedure and reasons for processing personal data that the Company receives from persons – users (hereinafter – users) of the mobile application (hereinafter – the application) and/or other services of the Company’s application programming interface, allowing Users to register in the application and receive services of the Company.
  • The reasons for processing personal data collected by the Company through the application are the acceptance of the personal data subject to the processing of his personal data.
  • The Company processes personal data of Users exclusively within the limits of the requirements of the Law of Ukraine “On Protection of Personal Data”.
  • The Company does not collect or process personal data on racial or ethnic origin, political, religious or ideological beliefs, membership in political parties and trade unions, and similar information
  1. Spheres of usage
    • The owner of the personal database of Users who voluntarily downloaded the application or used another tool to obtain the Company’s services online is Autolux Global Post LLC.
    • By using the Company’s services through the application and/or other application programming interface service, the User gives voluntary unambiguous acceptance to the Company’s processing of his personal data
      The scope of the User’s personal data includes and/or may include such information:
  • last name, first name, middle name
  • passport details
  • gender
  • date and place of birth
  • registration number of the tax payer’s registration card from the State Register of Individual Tax Payers (identification number)
  • place of residence and/or registration
  • contact phone numbers
  • e-mail addresses
  • shipment delivery addresses
  • IP-addresses
  • application access time.


  • Personal data processed by the Company refers to confidential information.
  1. Information collected, received and posted by the Company
    • When the User creates an account in the application, the Company may request the information listed in clause 2.2 of this Policy
    • During the operation of the application, the Company may collect personal information about the participation of Users in marketing campaigns organized by the Company, as well as process information related to the effectiveness of the application.
    • When users contact customer support, the Company, if necessary, may, in the process of operating its application, collect personal information necessary to fulfill the User’s request and receive feedback. The Company may also contact the User using the existing account contact information provided for this purpose.
    • The Company may collect and store information obtained as a result of surveys that may be performed by the Company or third-party contractors engaged by the Company.
  2. Usage of personal data
    • To provide its services, the Company may use the information that the Company collects and places for the following purposes:
      • providing customer service, including for creating and managing User accounts, solving technical difficulties and accessing various functions
      • adaptation of offers and experience, including advertising on its services
      • control of general and individual activity of Application Users
      • communication with Users, including on issues of service, offering new products and services, maintenance or permitted marketing communications through any available communication channels, etc.
      • performing research and analytical activities with the aim of improving the Company’s services and/or the quality of providing related services
      • evaluating certain factors of personal information, in particular, to analyze and predict personal preferences, interests, behavior and location
    • The company can store the information that it collects and receives when providing services as much as is required to fulfill the above business purposes.
  3. Information exchange
    • The company may use third-party service providers to provide some components of its services. In such cases, the suppliers do not have the authority to use the personal data obtained as a result of the providing of services or through the Company’s application, otherwise than to provide the Company’s services, and the personal data themselves are the subject of this Privacy Policy.
    • The company keeps the right, in accordance with the requirements of the law, to provide information to state authorities for the following purposes:
  • fight against fraud and other crimes;
  • investigating violations of the current legislation of Ukraine or fight with any other violations of the provisions of the Public Contract and the Terms of Service
    • The Company may provide personal data of Users for the request of competent state authorities, issued in accordance with the requirements of current legislation, in accordance with Art. 93 of the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine.
    • For the fulfillment of the specified purposes, the company may exchange data with legal entities, the ultimate beneficiaries of which are the same individuals that are the ultimate beneficiaries of Autolux Global Post LLC.
  1. User control
    • Users who create an account through the App can access, correct or delete the information they provide. The user is responsible for the correctness of the provided data or messages when using the Company’s services, services and the application. The posted information can be changed in the user’s personal account section in the application
    • The Company may delete or stop the processing of the User’s personal data upon receipt of the User’s written notice of withdrawal of acceptance to the processing of personal data
  2. Security
    • All information is protected by technical features and security procedures in order to prevent unauthorized access or use of data. Affiliated persons, reliable partners and independent service providers undertake to use the information received from the Company in accordance with the Company’s security requirements and this Policy
  3. User rights
    • The user has the right:
  1. know about the sources of collection, the location of their personal data, the purpose of their processing, the location or place of residence of the owner or controller of personal data or give the appropriate mandate to receive this information to persons authorized by him, except for cases established by law
  2. to receive information about the conditions for providing access to personal data, in particular information about third parties to whom his personal data is transferred
  3. to access their personal data
  4. receive, no later than thirty calendar days from the date of receipt of the request, except as provided by law, an answer as to whether his personal data are processed, as well as receive the content of such personal data
  5. make a reasoned request to the owner of personal data with an objection to the processing of their personal data
  6. make a reasoned request to change or destroy their personal data by any owner and controller of personal data, if these data are processed illegally or are unreliable
  7. to protect his personal data from illegal processing and accidental loss, destruction, damage due to intentional concealment, failure to provide or untimely provision of them, as well as protection from providing information that is unreliable or disgraces the honor, dignity and business reputation of a person
  8. to file complaints about the processing of his personal data with the Commissioner or the court
  9. to apply legal remedies in case of violation of the legislation on the protection of personal data
  10. to make a reservation regarding the limitation of the right to process his personal data when giving acceptance.
  1. Changes to this Policy
    • The Company can update this Policy. The new edition of the Privacy Policy enters into force from the moment of its posting on the Internet at the address specified in this paragraph, unless otherwise provided by the new edition of the Policy. The current version of the Policy can be found on the page at the address and

  • The fact of continuing to use the Company’s services and its services is a confirmation of the consent and acceptance by the User of the actual version of the Policy.


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