Send shipment or cargo

Send shipment or cargo

You can send cargo from any office of the company "Autolux Express Mail", As well as from any other address in the city where there is the office of our company.

How to send your shipment from your address/home?

To send shipment or cargo from the desired address, and which is not office of our company, call a courier, by filling on blank our website or by call 0800 33 59 29

Send shipment or cargo from our office

The addresses, phone numbers and schedules of all our offices can be found in thesection "Offices", Where you can choose using our interactive map our the closest office to you. At the same time, please pay attention to the schedule work and whether there are restrictions on the parameters of the cargo in the selected office.

Complete information about the office will help you make the right choice. When you select an office for shipment You can also take advantage of the advice of our managers, by calling: 0800 33 59 29.

Before shipping, you can also pack it yourself or to use the packaging service of our company. In the application for the call of the courier it should be indicated whether the additional services of our companies such as packing cargo or lowering cargo from any floor. With the desire to pack the goods independently it is advisable to do this before the visitcourier. Cargo picking services from the address of the Sender, packing of goods anddescent of cargo from floors - are paid additionally in accordance with theThe tariffs established on them.When sending the goods, you must indicatethe following information:

Full name of Sender, and his/her phone number;

Sender's passport data (when sending cargo using the "Valuable" tariff);

point of sending address;

Full name of Receiver, and his/her phone number;

Receiver's passport data (when sending cargo using the "Valuable" tariff);

point of receving address;

Description of shipment or cargo;

Quiantity of boxes in shipment;


payer (Sender or Receiver);

type of additional service (if it necessary);

another valuable parameters;

to use or not SMS notification about shipment ;

The exact weight/dimensions of the cargo (the employee "Autolux Express Mail") .

If you specify the recipient's mobile phone number and order for the recipient of SMS-notification of the arrival of the goods, he will be sent such a Notice when the goods arrive at the point of arrival.

If you are a participant in the loyalty program, before the start of the clearance for transportation you need to show a loyalty program card to our the employee who will carry out this registration.The cost of services is determined by the Contractor (hereinafter - the Carrier) in accordance with the approved tariffs. You can find the order of calculation on our website. If The sender agrees with this cost, the cargo is fully registered for if the payer of the cost of services is the Sender, he pays this cost.The result of the registration of the goods is filled and signed by both parties (the Carrier and the Sender) commodity- a waybill (hereinafter - "TTN"), one of which copies the sender receives from our employee, who issued the shipment for transportation, and keeps it until the transfer of the goods to the Recipient.After everything has been formalized, the sender must inform the Recipient of the requisites of the TTN - its number, the date the shipment, the approximate term of delivery of the goods.All these information will be are specified in the TTN In addition, the Sender shall inform the Recipient of the the cost of storing cargo.The information on this cost is indicated in the tariffs for services.