For our partners

We offer:

• Complex solution of logistics tasks.

• Delivery of goods to any destination point in Ukraine (warehouse-warehouse, door-door, warehouse-door, door-warehouse).

• The possibility of calculating the cost of transportation of goods on the site:

• Registration of electronic applications for the baggage transportation on the site:

•Client’s tracking of the baggage  movement  on the site:

• Free storage of goods within 5 calendar days.

• Daily high-quality service (7 days a week).

• Round-the-clock work of the central office in Kiev .

•    Individual approach to each client.

• Loyalty program.

• The security of the sent baggage
Baggage delivery within the stated terms.

• Convenient way of payment.

• Free informing the Recipient about the baggage arrival (by SMS).
• "Super Express" - the delivery of goods, i.e. Delivery in the shortest time of documents and small baggage (weight - up to 2 kg, size not more than 30 × 20 × 15 cm). Reception / delivery in offices located on the bus station.
Delivery time: up to 500 km - 3 - 8 hours, more than 500 km - 8 - 10 hours.
• Packaging of documents and goods in special envelopes with trademark, X-packets, boxes and bags, bags sealing.

• Payment on delivery.

• Free services of loaders when accepting and receiving the baggage in our offices.

• Rent of trucks.

• Information service by phone: 0800-33-59-29 and online on: