Brand history

History of the company "Autolux Express Post"

The history of the company "Autolux Express post" started in 1997. Baggage express delivery as one of the mainstreams in the work of "Autolux Express post" has started its developing with the opening of offices directly at the bus stations. Later after seeing a result a number of representative offices of the «Autolux Express post» company was opened all over Ukraine, their location was determined by the results of the marketing research. The regular baggage routes appeared.

Our company became one of the first private commercial companies to develop a powerful system of regular baggage transportation in Ukraine.

Since 2004 the range of services provided by our company has been supplemented with address delivery of goods, which is still popular with customers today helping them to save their time.

Since 2013 our company in cooperation with partners has been providing provides post delivery services worldwide.

In 2016 our company opened its first offices outside Ukraine in Syria and Lebanon. 

The company "Autolux Express post" is constantly improving its work and tries to find an individual approach to each client. We are trusted today by hundreds thousands of regular customers. We also constantly modernize the workflow. The number of offices of the company "Autolux Express post" is increasing every year.

We will be glad to see you as our client!