Express cargo

Express delivery of cargo

The company "Autolux Express post" offers transportation services for both commercial cargo and parcel delivery. Not every company provides oversized freight. But "Autolux Express post" is always ready to help their customers. Not long ago our activity was limited to the territory of Ukraine, but today the company "Autolux Express post" reached the international level. Due to its wide network of regional offices, customers have the opportunity to select the most convenient location for sending or receiving goods.

The principle of luggage delivery service:

Weather you are interested in oversized cargo transportation (those that require special packaging and vehicle) or in normal delivery of goods in Ukraine, you need to contact our office and fill in the relevant documents. In particular, it is necessary to issue waybill that accompanies the delivery of the goods. Cost of services is determined by the company according to the approved tariffs. The procedure of calculation you can look at our website. If the client agrees with this value, the luggage will be executed for transportation. Once everything is ready, the sender will need to inform the recipient details of the consignment note - its number, date and approximate time of delivery. This information the client receives from the operator.
Once everything is executed, the goods transportation starts. Our company develops the most convenient routes for delivery. For example, we provide way cargo which means that delivery occurs via transport moving to the destination point. It allows to include additional regions and settlements to our routes.
After receiving the notification about delivered baggage to the pointed out office recipient comes there with a passport (for legal entities need duly executed power of attorney, or the so-called confidential letter with the wet seal).

Additional service

Express delivery service is very important activity branch of our company. It expands its delivery geography every year. Except that "Autolux Express post" provides to the clients some additional services that are connected with the company’s core activity. Particularly, it’s packaging, SMS notification about the arrived baggage, and also readdressing (that means changing the destination point or the consignee). The price for such services is calculated separately.

The "Autolux Express post" company improves its work and tries to find an individual approach to each customer. The amount of offices increases every year.

We are looking forward to see you as our client!