Cash on delivery

Transportations of shipments with cash on delivery

For the convenience of customers, “Autolux Express post” provides a delivery service with cash collection on delivery.

What this service is?

Cash on delivery is a method of calculating the consignee of goods with their sender (seller), under which the transport organization assumes the obligation to issue the goods only after payment has received the declared values of the delivered cargo. This amount is transferred to the sender, it is also a cash on delivery. Ownership rights to such cargo pass to the recipient at the time of payment of the recipient. (If it was not paid for when sending the goods). In the event of the recipient's refusal to pay for the cargo - it is returned to the sender only after receiving an official request from the sender to provide this service.
Cargo delivery service with cash on delivery is especially attractive for the sphere of Internet services, where the transport company acts as an intermediary in the delivery of cargo, and also incurs obligations to transfer payment for cargo.

Service fee

Payment for transportation services can be performed by both the sender and the recipient. The payment system operates at standard rates for the cost of shipping the goods and payment.
The person paying for the transportation is determined by the sender. The sender informs the operator of the information about the payer when registering the goods for transportation (when, who pays for the transportation of the goods and who pays for transportation of payment for the goods). The number of cargo that is assigned to the amount of the cash on delivery when it is sent differs only in the last digit from the cargo number for which this amount was paid. This figure is one more than the last figure in the number of the corresponding cargo. The cargo number coincides with the number of the consignment note (TTN) for the transportation of this cargo.
Calculation of the cost of transportation at the tariff "Tariff weight" or the tariff "Tires and disks" (depending on the investment).
The cost of transportation of the amount of the cash on delivery is calculated according to the tariff "Valuable".
The order of delivery of cargo with cash on delivery must be displayed in the TTN for cargo transportation. If the customer himself completes the TTN, he himself must impose an obligation, for this, in column No. 1 of the TTN "Description of the cargo" after receiving information on the contents of the attachment, writes: "SUPPLY PAYMENT".
If the filling of the TTN in our office is automated, the information is entered by the operator with the sender's words. In this case, the sender must necessarily inform the operator if it is required to provide a delivery service with a cash on delivery. And before you put your signature on this TTN, the sender needs to check the availability:
1) the inscription "(COD)", which should be placed under the number of TTH, 2) the cost of transport of the amount of the cash on delivery,
And also it is necessary to check whether the payer of the cost of transportation of the amount of the cash on delivery is specified correctly.
In case of non receipt of cargo with cash on delivery in the trunk without payment for storage - 7 calendar days.
In the event that the recipient refuses the cargo and, if desired, the sender returns this cargo, the sender orders the return of the goods (redirection). The cost of this service is determined according to the tariff for redirection.
Goods shipped with cash on delivery can be inspected by the recipient. The right to inspect such cargo is provided to the recipient exclusively at the representative office of the company "Autolux Express post" in the presence of its representative.
Detailed information on the rules for the delivery of cargo with cash on delivery and the return of such cargo can be found in any of our offices, as well as by phone numbers: +38 044 536 00 55 and +38 044 536 00 53.