API usage

API usage

The company "Autolux Express Post" provides a convenient API to its services, which you can use within your software products, such as websites, online stores, as well as mobile or desktop applications.

Autolux Express Post API specification

Autolux API is built using two approaches - REST and JSON-RPC. HTTP requests like GET and POST are supported. The result is a response from an API server in json format.


To work with the Autolux API, you need to authenticate to the server and get the session key (access_token), which is generated by the server and is considered valid during the entire period of active interaction with the API. For authentication uses the e-mail and password of the user of the system.


The documentation for the Autolux API is constantly updated and supplemented, and its current version you can find in the corresponding section on our website.
Documentation for "Autolux Express Post" API