About company

«Autolux Express Post» is a Ukrainian company founded in 1997, which provides quick and convenient delivery of documents, baggage and parcels in Ukraine and abroad. The Company provides a careful delivery, including oversized cargo among the competitors. The network of representative offices of the company and own vehicle fleet allow us to make delivery more convenient service for every customer.

MISSION of «Autolux Express Post» Company - to make the delivery service fast, affordable and resourceful, as much as possible to simplify work and life for clients. For this, the company introduces new products and services, develops its own network of offices.

Fast and convenient service:
Express delivery.
Address delivery.
Oversized cargo delivery.
Quality service.
Ability to track and forward shipment.

Available service:
Honest pricing policy.
Loyalty program.
Offices in all regions of Ukraine.

Beneficial service:
Postpay service.
Affiliate program.
Hundreds of thousands of regular customers.

Address delivery of cargo from «Autolux Express Post» saves you time and expenses:
The choice of convenient time of departure and receipt of documents and cargoes.
Simple order processing.
Ability to track shipment.
Call the courier by telephone number: 0800 33 59 29.